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Switzerland is proud of its outstanding education system. Primary, lower secondary and upper secondary level schools with expertly trained and highly motivated teachers are the backbone of their school system. These teachers are educated and trained in one of 20 universities of teacher education. 

The variety of the 20 universities of teacher education (UTEs) in Switzerland is broad: some are small with a very personal atmosphere, while others are larger institutions. The 20 institutions are located in the German-, French-, Italian- and Romansh-speaking parts of the country. All are involved in research, education, continuing education and training; they offer additional services such as coaching, consulting and evaluation for the school-teaching field.

The linking of theoretical and methodological knowledge with practical experience and reflection ensures students are thoroughly prepared for the challenges of the teaching profession. Interdisciplinary approaches enable the students to acquire the skills they need for teaching.


Universities of teacher education offer programmes in teaching for pre-primary level, primary level, secondary level I, secondary level II (including general education and vocational education and training) and other programmes such as special needs education. Classes are mostly given in one of the four official languages of Switzerland; however, some UTEs offer classes in English. Several UTEs even offer special classes for international students.


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