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Avionics Research Center

Avionics Research Center (ARC) was founded in 2013 for advanced research and development in aviation electronics. This center is located near the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering with which is working in joint collaboration. There are three active research groups in ARC:

  • Simulators, Flight Guidance and Control Group
  • Systems and Test Equipment Group
  • Systems Integration Group

ARC Main Research Fields

  • Formal Specification and Verification of Avionics
  • Safety Assessment of Avionics Systems
  • Avionics Data Bus Interfaces
  • Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA)
  • Real-time Operating Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing with FPGA
  • Airborne Communication and Radar Systems
  • Vision-based Localization, Navigation and Tracking
  • Flight guidance and control systems
  • Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Multiagent Aerial Vehicle Systems
  • Avionics Systems Integration

ARC Nationwide Activities

As the sole academic avionics research center in Iran, ARC has participated in many national activities, in some of which ARC has been the initiator and organizer.

 Avionics Research Center 

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