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École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

From its foundation in 1853, the young engineering school has grown in many dimensions, to the extent of becoming one of the most famous institutions of science and technology. With state-of-the-art facilities on a single campus, bright students and outstanding faculties, EPFL's reputation as a top-rate teaching and research institution continues to grow.

Thirteen different engineering science programs, customized Ph.D. programs, cutting-edge laboratories directed by internationally renowned professors, a modern, fast-developing campus, close ties to industry: EPFL offers an exceptional student experience to young people planning a higher education in science and technology.

As one of the premier institutes of higher education in Switzerland, the EPFL has the responsibility of training future scientists and engineers to face and conquer world challenges. Learning Labs program (DLL) is a combination of a new pedagogical approach combined with the physical infrastructure to support it.

Computer and Communication Sciences (IC)



Master’s Degree

Doctoral Program: Computer and Communication Sciences (EDIC)

Summer Fellowship Program: Summer@EPFL




College of Management of Technology (CDM)



Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship Institute

Swiss Finance Institute




College of Humanities (CDH)

Study Programs


Social and Human Sciences (SHS) Program

Master of Science in Digital Humanities

Minor in Science, Technology and Area Studies (STAS)




 School of Life Sciences (SV) 

Divisions Website

Institute of Bioengineering
Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research
Global Health Institute
Neuroscience – Brain Mind Institute
Center for Neuroprosthetics
Blue Brain Project

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