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IUT International Strategy

Main Goals of Strategic Transformation Program of Isfahan University of Technology
  • Training world class mighty graduates who are moral and role playing in country development
  • Scientific and technological leadership in Asia
  • The most effective Iranian University in the region
  • One of the top 3 Iranian universities in building knowledge oriented society
  • Having a dynamic and quality oriented scientific and cultural atmosphere
  • Becoming an international university
  • Obtaining sustainable financial resources



IUT International Strategy of the Year

Proposed Measures

IUT Internationalization Strategy Goals

Based on  "Strategic Transformation Program of Isfahan University of Technology" towards internationalization

  • Selecting target countries,
  • Partnership with selected universities
  • The exchange between institutions is done by means of mobility agreements in research and teaching and supported by mobility grants.
  • The departments establish their own partnerships and networks.

Strategic Partnership

  • Relations with Iranian representations abroad are cultivated and strengthened. Representations include scientific advisors at Iranian embassies, IUT professors and PhD students on sabbatical leave abroad or attend at the international scientific events,adopt a voluntary role as IUT
  •  Where feasible, IUT coordinates its international presence with other Iranian higher education institutions and with the Ministry for Science, Research and Technology (MSRT).
  • IUT is going to participate in the educational fairs with a focus on Master's and PhD studies.
  • Establishing the consortium of leading Universities of the city of Isfahan named "Isfahan Universities Network for International Collaboration (IUN)".


  • Knowledge sharing: IUT encourages learning and the acquisition of specialized knowledge in less developed countries by supporting research collaborations and activities in the area of capacity building (for example, the development of curricula through Erasmus+ capacity building program).
  • As an excellent research and education institution, IUT is committed toward society and contributes to sustainable development.
  • The already existing Iranian-Swiss Joint research projects provides seed funding to joint projects with Swiss partners in research, teaching, and capacity building.
  • This program is going to be enhanced into a plan that includes less developed countries.
  • Establishing Affiliate Centers for international accredited research institutes such as ICRANet, Italy.
  • Contribution to decision-making positions in international associations.
  • Establishment of research station at IUT in association with World known research institutes abroad.

Global Engagement

  • IUT communicates in Persian and English.
  • Information on administrative and study-related procedures such as courses and research fields is published in Persian and English.
  • Bilingual communication is taken into consideration for basic procedures concerning enrollment, adjunct professors, visiting IUT and other international opportunities.

Bilingual communication

  • IUT supports its researchers by acquiring third-party funds from European and Asian Funding foundations such as DAAD, Alexander Von Humboldt and DFG in Germany, OaAD (Impuls Iran-Austria), EU, Islamic Development Bank and etc.

International funds

  • The IUT Alumni Forum develops a strategy to organize international IUT alumni and to establish networks of IUT alumni in areas of interest.

International Alumni

  • IUT promotes mobility and encourages its academic members and students to go abroad. The University and
  • the individual faculties decide to increase the number of:
  • European partner universities
  • The International Relations
  • Commission provides support in concluding university-wide exchange agreements for research and teaching.
  • All PhD degree programs have a built-in mobility window, enabling students to go
  • abroad as part of their research work
  • Recognition and converting grades of coursework done abroad is going to be standardized.
  • Seasonal schools at IUT in partnership with accredited universities abroad.
  • Other ways for IUT students to make international experiences are defined (for instance, internships abroad, and summer schools).


  • IUT supports the development of international certificate programs
  • All faculties are encourage to offer joint certificate study programs with foreign universities.
  • All faculties are encourage to offer joint courses with accredited universities through the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

International Programs


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