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 International Grants Office 

In order to use research and educational opportunities in the international space for the academic community, an office called the International Grants Office has started its work under the auspices of International Scientific Cooperation Center (IUT International). Accordingly, it has been decided that this office will attract financial support in various fields of education, research, and culture from international funding institutions.


Goals And Missions

The main goal of this office is to attract international funds and transfer advanced knowledge to the country and improve the international outlook of the University at the global level. To this end, the IUT International intends to help the IUT community to improve the University's academic level and encourage the IUT scholars to get involved in international activities by establishing an office to attract global budgets and increase contacts with prestigious universities worldwide. For this purpose, the program of this office encompasses the following cases:


A) Establishment of an office for attracting international budgets

B) Identification of international grants in different countries

C) Creating a website to introduce international grants

D) Creating Persian guidelines to clarify each grant

F) Holding training workshops for IUT scholars in all faculties to make them acquainted with application procedures for international grants

E) Inviting several members of the European Grant Institutions Committees annually

J) Employing postdoctoral members of the University in preparing a Persian guide to international funds and grants

H) Training and delegatingexpert personnel for:

- Completing the grant application forms from the beginning to the registration of the application form to help the applicants

- Preparing budget proposals for various grants

F) Announcing registration deadlines (deadlines & timelines) regularly 

G) Establishing connections between academics and research sponsor institutions

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