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Industrial Projects

Partnership with Industry and Business

IUT is actively making partnerships with industry and business. Partnerships with industry and business are built on the premise that the University is well-equipped by excellent technical infrastructures and research facilities that are critical in solving industrial challenges and consequently, the university partners can promote their products and services. IUT is not only in connection with large corporations such as Steel Companies, aerospace and subsea industries; it has also made partnerships with small and medium-sized corporations. As the University is always in connection with industry through partnerships, it is provided with abundant feedbacks from practical applications which is itself positively mirrored in the scientific research and development of the University.


Therefore, collaboration with large industrial companies is very significant for IUT. The following companies and organizations are some of the main partners of IUT, to name but a few.   

  • Steel Companies.
  • National Oil Refining and Gas Companies.
  • Ministry of Agriculture & Dept. of Environment.
  • Water and Wastewater Co.
  • Ministry of Industries and Mines.
  • Isfahan Municipality.

Technology & Industrial collaborations

85 Industrial partners in both private and non-private sectors

644 Research projects joint with industries in last five years

1000 Internships per year

9 National projects



Isfahan Science and Technology Town, initiated by IUT faculty members in 1993, encompasses many Science Parks and Incubators in an area of 520 ha. Its vicinity with IUT has created a great opportunity to establish close links and collaborations with large industries to meet a sustainable economic growth.  This town is a large place where a combination of different divisions such as spin-off companies, manufacturing and service companies, research centers and governmental R&D units and organizations are clustered to meet its all-pervasive objectives.    

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