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Department of Horticulture


Department of Horticultural Sciences was established in 1983 to help Iran's horticultural industries achieve their full potential through research and marketing by educating and training students for careers in farm, industry, government, and academia. Our mission is to train innovative graduates, create knowledge, enhance entrepreneurship and provide community service/outreach through quality teaching and training. Our full time faculty members are teaching and investigating in the different fields of horticulture including pomology, olericulture, and floriculture, biotechnology of fruit crops as well as landscape design and postharvest technology. The department provides relatively well equipped research laboratories, specialized facilities and greenhouses for research and education. Grape vines and other temperate and subtropical fruit collections and olive adaptation orchard are other resources available in this department. Currently the department of horticultural offers diverse and highly rated educational programs in three degrees of BSc, MSc and PhD.

The MSc and PhD graduate programs attract students from different fields such as Ornamental plants, Olericulture and Pomology. The department is actively engaged in four major areas of research including micropropagation of horticultural crops, vegetable production technology, environmental factors affecting plant growth and development, and post-harvest physiology and technology.

Academic Programs

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Master of Science (M.Sc.), Master of Engineering (M.Eng) and PhD degree Programs.

To obtain B.Sc. degree in Horticultural Science undergraduate students must take a total of 140 credits of which 20 credits are general courses, 31 basic courses, 76 credits are major-specific courses and 13 credits are elective ones.

Students must take 13 credits from elective courses. They also should take the 2 credits major-specific course of Horticulture Training during the summer. You can download the curriculum for undergrduate program from here and the course description from here.

MSc Program: To obtain M.Sc. degree in Horticultural Science graduate students must take a total of 32 credits of which 16 credits are major-specific courses, 10 credits are elective courses and 6 are the thesis. You can deownload the information about MSc courses from here

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