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A group of administrators and faculty members of the Department of Physics visited the National Observatory of Iran on June 16, 2022. In this visit, which was carried out at the invitation of Prof. Habib Khosroshahi, the director of the Iranian National Observatory (INO), Prof. Seyed Zafarollah Kalantari, the head of the Department of Physics, Prof. Parviz Kameli, deputy of research of the Department, Prof. Soroush Shakeri, coordinator for international affairs of the Department, Prof. Keivan Aghababaei Samani and Prof. Sedigheh. Sajadian, faculty members of the Department, were the members of the IUT visiting team.

During this visit the joint cooperation fields have been reviewed  and evaluated  between the  3.4-meter telescope of the INO as one of the country's scientific macro projects and Isfahan University of Technology as one of the top Iranian universities. Isfahan University of Technology is one of the leading Iranian universities in the subject rankings of physics and astrophysics with only 137 km distance away from the INO. Moreover IUT enjoys a geographical, scientific and technological privileges to make fruitful collaboration with this observatory.

During this visit, the IUT teams talked about the possibility of Isfahan University of Technology hosting prominent Iranian and foreign astronomers at the university campus for having scientific cooperation. Also, they talked about initiating joint scientific projects with the participation of the INO in defining joint proposals and programs for postdoctoral researchers in IUT. The visit continued by observing different parts of the observatory and the mechanical and control equipment of the telescope. Meanwhile, the details of a mutual agreement between IUT and INO have been discussed in this visit.

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